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Prevention and preparing for the worst can be the best thing you can do to help minimize the risk of endagering the assets you've spent time and money building. Our experts below can help safegaurd and give sound solutions that protect your precious assets.

Meet Our Experts

Steve Janis

Steve Janis, Managing Partner

Steve provides legal services in probate, estate planning, business & real estate

Manoj Khandelwal

Manoj Khandelwal, CPA

Manoj provides tax services and financial advice to help you prottect the money you've earned.

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Do you have the right things in place to protect your business and personal assets? Have you utilized the best lending strategies to grow your business? Are you looking to buy or lease a new building. Get a second opinion or some useful information with a complimentary consultation today with our experts. We'll provide an all around assessment and give you our expert advice.