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From finding the right location, deciding whether it's a good time to sell or leasing a building.  We work together with you to get you in to the right location that meets your business goals.

Meet Our Experts

John Ewart

John Ewart, Commercial Real Estate Broker

John provides real estate brokerage services & knowledge of the IE Real Estate Market

Charles Singleton

Charles Singleton, SVP Commercial Banking Manager

Charles provides financial lending for the pruchase of real estate.

Hilda Kennedy

Hilda Kennedy, President

Hilda provides faith-based certified SBA loans to help businesses purchase commercial property.

Manoj Khandelwal

Manoj Khandelwal, CPA

Manoj provides tax savings and financial advice regarding the sale or purchase of real estate.

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Do you have the right things in place to protect your business and personal assets? Have you utilized the best lending strategies to grow your business? Are you looking to buy or lease a new building. Get a second opinion or some useful information with a complimentary consultation today with our experts. We'll provide an all around assessment and give you our expert advice.